I.O.N News 04 12 2013 

Hello Instincts Of Nature fans, you are our Lovers And Fighters.Thank you for joining us in the future fight for original music with thought provoking subjects to feel make us feel like were not alone in our days on this planet,we get it ,and what a bastard life can be sometimes, just to get through.This band wants to enrich ourselves and you with music that has not been heard before. The band has gone through some changes and as a result are sounding more fatter and rougher around the edges.As we integrate the new technology the sound is bending twisting  we have to forge it back into something we can deal with and replicate live .
The older songs are all mostly all there.We have managed to recreate our songs using the new robot stuff ..It will be different but I.O.N stand for difference ,we always have.We are a forward thinking band.
Our rehearsals are a very exciting place to be right now, we feel like we are driving in the dark at 100 mph with no headlights but as the new tech stuff starts getting understood ,we know it's gonna light up the way and enable us to still keep our foot down to the floor .
The next album expect everything it will be a great assembly of music to park your ears at,thats for sure.

You can download our debut album Shoot Me HERE..We would like you to provide your email so we can keep you locked in with the band on our mailing list.You will hear  whats going on first. 

To the future Lovers and Fighters  ..Mart - Kris - Simon - Gaz - Instincts Of Nature.

I.O.N News 24 10 2013 

It is with regret, we announce ,due to big family commitments, the departure of our guitarist Tommy.We wish him well and thank him for each and every note he blasted out in this fine band! I.O.N will very much continue in his absence. Good luck sir ........................................................Message ends

I.O.N 09 09 2103 

Instincts Of Nature are back off their summer break and will be playing at the Egham and District Social Club supporting No Lip on the 21st September 2013.
This is gonna be one hell of a gig! 

I.O.N 03.08.2013 

Staines band Instincts Of Nature are on our  2013 summer break..We will be back, click on the facebook link on this page to keep up with dates or check back here for all things I.O.N. 

Lovers and Fighters ..I.O.N
Instincts of Nature



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